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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why choose Buddha Jump VPN?

We believe in Freedom of Information and respect everyone’s privacy, we have a list of our own principles that we follow,
- We do not collect user information unless it's absolutely necessary, e.g., we need your email for billings and that's all. 
- We believe censorships are wrong, therefore all traffic passes through our servers are not filtered nor monitored.
- All payment transactions are processed at third party services are PCI-DSS compliant, not a single character of your credit card details pass through our servers.  We also do not use any payment providers could leak your personal information, ie, Alipay or WeChat Pay. 
- We respect everyone's privacy at highest level. We do not share your email (the only information we collect) with anyone. 
- Security is our top priority. We do security scan on our systems regularly to prevent hacking and exploitations. 
- We provide proper user authentication to ensure your connection is encrypted at highest level, we use Root CA (Thawte) issued SSL certificate with username/password authentication so no one can decrypt your traffic, unlike some one off purchase apps use shared user authentication for all users.


2. Does Buddha Jump VPN provide free service?

No. The service is charged at monthly subscription basis. We use the money to support the service we provide. 

3. How does payment work?

Credit cards only. We believe Alipay or WeChat Pay could potentially leak your personal information. 


4. What devices are supported?

We support most of modern devices, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and with limited support for embeded devices, such as routers (OpenVPN/PPTP/IKEv1/IKEv2/L2TP). 


5. What devices support 1-click install?

iOS and Mac OS X support native device profile 1-click install, and all devices with OpenVPN installed supports OpenVPN profile 1-click install. 


6. How many endpoints does Buddha Jump VPN have?

We have endpoints all around the globe, our initial offering will have endpoints in 8 countries. Our system is clever enough to connect you to the fastest endpoint based on your network location.


7. Is there any bandwidth limits?

It's not supported at the moment, but it's on our roadmap. 


8. Is there any limits on number of simultaneous connections?

No. We do not throttle or limit your connections. 


9. Is Buddha Jump VPN safe and secure?

Security is our top priority, we treat your security and privacy seriously. We run security checks regularly to make sure the service we provide is at top quality.

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